Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Busy, Busy, Busy

A lot has happened over the last couple months, and in some areas of my life it has me a little off balance -- especially the area of writing.  But I wanted to give you some updates on what is going on here in the work of Christ Fellowship Church.  Here are some highlights:

  • Remodel Progress: The house has been seeing steady progress, and there are now fewer things left to do in Phase 1 than have been done.  I've been so thankful for the leadership of Kenny as he has put in many hours working on this project.  
  • Volunteers Abound: We have had a steady stream of volunteers coming in to help out as well.  We've had two Saturday workdays encompassing jobs around the whole property, and we've seen a lot of clean up and improvement.  People started asking if there were other ways to get involved because they were unable to come on Saturdays. So we started an Adopt-a-job list, and people have been coming in at convenient times for them to work for a couple hours here or there.  In fact, today we had two "new" volunteers that it turns out were the chief volunteers almost 40 years ago when this church started.  Providence has led them back to fellowship with us, and they are getting involved again.  I'm so thankful.
  • My office is in pieces.  We'll be starting Phase 2 which will address offices in the next month or two, but though it's listed at #2 it will probably be that last to be completed.  Currently I'm working from a 6 foot table with no walls which gives me open access to the administrative volunteers that keep this place running.  So overall not bad, just different.
  • Fund Raising: The church did a $10,000 capital campaign that I have so much to write about.  It has been amazing how God has been at work among His church.  I will fill in more of the blanks soon.  I have been telling this story, but need to write it to record the wonder-working power of God.

So that's a little view into a number of things that have been going on.  I'll write more later.


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  1. I guess nothing else is going on since we haven't heard from you since.