Thursday, March 14, 2013

What's In Your Closet?

Part of the transition that a new pastor goes through is figuring out what's what and what's where?  Having been at CFC several months and putting priorities to work, primarily with people and schedule, I now am poking around in the "dark side" of CFC, the closets. 

Every church has closets, and every church I've been part of as things in there closets that are reminders of times gone by.  This church is no exception.  Part of the activity of the church over the next few months is the work of cleaning out the closets.  It is Spring Cleaning time after all.  This morning in prayer I felt the Holy Spirit speak to me about the closets. 

Cleaning out the closets won't just reveal what is in them, but also what is in us. 

Our interaction with props, equipment, resources, etc. from the past will reveal some things about our future. 


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