Monday, January 21, 2013

Dear CFC

I hope you're enjoying the MLK holiday.  The events of today in D.C. to our south reminds us to be vigilant in our prayers for rulers and authoities tha God brings to power.  I hope you will praye for the President today.

This morning I began a regular meeting for Mondays with Pasto Rony and Pastor Patience of Faith Community Church and Full Gospel Church (english translations). These congregations are using our building to meet, an I'm praying for greater unity to grow among the congegations as we labor together to bring people to Jesus.

In a totally unrelated story -- I wanted to share a conversation Corie and I had yesterday when we arrived at church.  She said, "Maybe you could untuck your shirt and be cool like everyone else."  I said, "Babe, you should have learned a long time ago that 'cool' is not something I do well."  She laughed becuase she knew it was true.

Your uncool pastor,


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