Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Cold And Empty

Yesterday was the Potomac Ministry Network's Day of Prayer, and I attended with a heart seeking the Lord.  I'm so thankful for the leadership our Network enjoys.

The day started with Pastor Ken sharing about a midnight mass he attended many years ago before I was born. (Don't mean to imply he's old.  Yes I do.)  The mass was held in a large, historic stone Cathedral and because of its ancient architecture it was freezing inside; "stone cold" so-to-speak. 

His reflection was that he left that service thinking it was cold and empty.  A church shouldn't be cold and empty.  Then he applied this memory for us in context of our churches.  Churches that meet without encountering the presence of the Spirit of God will leave people saying, "That was cold and empty."  This is especially true of Pentecostal churches, because beyond the work of the Spirit we don't have very much going for us.

I want our services to be places where people encounter the presence of God.


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