Monday, December 10, 2012

Who Knows What?

One of the discoveries along the way in my conversations with different members of CFC is that there are gaps in people's knowledge.  It can be easy to take for granted that everyone is aware of what is going on. After all, we all go to the same church -- goes the thinking.  However, there are gaps in knowledge.  Some people are in the know.  They know everything that needs to be known.  Some people know that certain decisions were made, but are unsure why.  They have never found the answer, maybe have never asked, or maybe assumed that it wasn't important for them to know.  Others are looking for and asking for information that is regularly and responsibly made available, but they have never received that information in the same delivery system many others have.  The impression is that information is being hidden.

These gaps in knowledge create obstacles to everyone lining up in position and running the plays necessary to win.  Like any team that is not on the same page, plays break down.  Communication covers a multitude of sins.  Part of the listening tour is to find these gaps and begin trying to fill in the gaps.  One benefit that I feel most validates the need for meetings like these is that people are able to hear from others just how far apart other members are on some topics that never get regular discussion in our services.  We're on the same team, we just need to get on the same page.

--Pastor Ben

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