Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Today's Lesson In Communication: When Is The Final?

Every class begins the same way.  For the last three weeks our professor has been starting class the exact same way.  He starts with an announcement that the final exam is going to be held on Monday Dec. 17th at 8:00AM.  Then he proceeds to explain what we should expect on the exam.  He repeats it over and over every class. 

Every class there is another practice. For the last four classes about 10 minutes into class someone asks when is the final.  I thought it was mainly people that had come in late, but today the question was raised by a guy who had been in the classroom since before I arrived..  He had sat through the same rehearsal of information from the professor, but for some reason he didn't get it.

When communicating there's the message you give and the message that is heard.  Never underestimate the need to continue to repeat information and get it out.  People may be hearing but not listening. 


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