Monday, December 17, 2012


Recently I've had several friends share that they feel as though there drifting in their faith. They don't feel as close to God as they once did.  They've asked me for some insight into what they should do.  Here are several thoughts that may be helpful:

1. Do the former things. What were you doing (habits) that you were doing when you felt closer to God? Are you practicing those habits?

2. Beware of the high highs, and the low lows. Life is full of ups and downs. Keep a perspective that things are seldom as good as they seem when we're up, and never as bad as they seem when we're down. What are other contribuiting factors in your life that may have you on the down side? The downside of work, health, family, finances, etc. also affect our spiritual person.

3. God is a revealing God, but He is also a hiding God. It seems like before we come to God in faith He is everywhere trying to get our attention. When we believe and start following Him, He starts hiding. Someone once said, "The proof of passion is in the pursuit." If you want to serve God with passion, then prove it in your pursuit. Disciplines of Bible reading, prayer, and journaling are helpful for building faith in us, but it is as important to start giving faith away to replenish us as well. Find ways to have faith conversations with others by sharing your faith with those who need Christ, and encouraging those who follow Him.

-- Ben

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