Monday, December 17, 2012

A Beautiful Letter

Yesterday I had one of the nicest and unexpected experiences. 

It all started last week when I prepared my "30-day letter" informing the church of what I had been doing in my first 30 days, giving them some instructions about how we can work together through this transition, and offering some clarity to the questions people have had in personal conversation.  It was your standard letter nothing particularly special, no earth shattering revelations.  I only wanted to communicate with people what was going on. 

On Sunday morning I walked around the church greeting my church family, and someone stopped and said, "Pastor Ben, thank you for the beautiful letter you sent me."  (I'm certain there is a group of readers that also received that letter that are snickering to themselves because it is not what I would have called a "Beautiful Letter".)  It was just a simple letter, or so I thought.  I'm sure the majority were read and discarded, and as long as they were read I have no problem with that. 

It struck me though that this letter, with salutation, "Dear Christ Fellowship Church", would have been received with such care.  She felt as though I had sent her a letter.  I was interested why she thought this update was a "Beautiful Letter" so I asked.  She told me some things that had stood out to her, and then said, "I have read that letter three times and kept it in a file."  (So there all you snickering friends, someone liked my letter.) 

Here's the principle in play: You never know what communication might mean.  You never know what filling a gap in knowledge or answering a question might mean to someone. 

Christ Fellowship Church is growing in our commitment to communication. 

-- Pastor Ben

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