Monday, November 26, 2012


The Thanksgiving holiday week is behind us, but I'm still echoing in thankful thoughts.  I'm thankful for the rest and break that the holiday provides and for which I purposefully rested.  I'm thankful for family and friends that I got to spend time with, and those that I spent time reflecting on while they were far away.  I'm thankful for the church I'm blessed to pastor.  I'm thankful for the ability to watch God answer my prayers a little more each day as I continue to pray that my children will grow in wisdom and stature, in favor with God and man.  I'm thankful for a wife that is many things I'm not and helps make me more of what I should be.  I'm thankful to have run my first 5k race and accomplish a life goal.  I'm thankful that my race number, 286, was greater than the weight at which I ran.  I'm thankful for the volunteers that make this church work behind the scenes.  I'm thankful that my dad got to enjoy thanksgiving at home instead of a hospital.  I'm thankful that I can help him when I'm with him, and that by God's grace and favor one day he will no longer need my help.

Now, I'm thankful to get back to work. 



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