Monday, November 19, 2012

Repeats and Referrals

The key to ongoing business is the repeat customer, and the chief gift that every business owner is looking for is the referral.  A referral is the recommendation of your business to a potential customer. 

This weekend I attended a men's breakfast and heard the application of this business principle applied for the beneftit of churches.  The speaker said that people come to church and leave for all kinds of reasons, but from time to time it would benefit them to hear from the church saying, "We miss you.  Is there anything we can do to serve you."

In business a client is most likely to turn to a vendor they know and have dealt with before even if they have had an experience that did not meet their expectations. 

Could it be that our church could get another shot with folks that left in that past? Could we reach out to them and serve them with the love of Christ and re-integrate them into the body? 


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