Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Priorities are the key elements necessary to move toward vision becoming reality.  This morning I spent time in prayer asking God to further clarify the priorities of this church.  I like to pray with a white board so that I can list the things God and I talk about.  I like the freedom of being able to easily erase the earlier parts of my prayer to bring correction or clarity as I feel the Holy Spirit guide me in prayer. The fact is prayer is the necessary place to find the priorities that we ought to pursue.

I want to ask CFCers to regularly pray for the church and for me as its leader.  I'm having regular and frank conversations with God about the next steps of this church.  I'm reminded more and more that it is no accident that I'm the pastor of this church for this season.  We should look eagerly to the future of this church that is built on the foundation laid by others. 

--Pastor Ben

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