Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Network Pastors

I have been a life-long resident of Maryland, with a short exception while I was a student in college.  One of the driving pieces of my vision for ministry is to affect the spiritual destiny of Maryland.  I love this state, and her people.  One of the keys to preparing for the coming revival is a partnership that needs to be formed between pastors, and the churches they serve.

Today I got to meet with the pastor of Rockville A/G.  Pastor Stan and I are acquaintances from years ago, and though we've never been particularly close, we recognize the value of deepening our friendship as neighboring pastors.  We spent time at lunch today talking about our backgrounds and observations of the area.  He has pastored in Rockville for 9 years, and had great insights for me. 

I'm looking forward to working, praying, and growing together with him and Rockville A/G.

--Pastor Ben

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