Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Will We Move To Silver Spring?

The number one question I have received about my upcoming transition is: Will we move to Silver Spring?  The answer is yes, but not yet. 

Some of the factors in play are listed as follows:

1.  Corie is a teacher under contract, and our intention is to honor that agreement.  As parents we would not want to find out that two months into the school year our child's teacher was moving.  We feel that our current situation and proximity to the church will allow us to serve the church, and live in Glen Burnie to finish the school year.  Our children will also then be allowed to finish the school year they have started.

2.  CFC has a parsonage, but it has been converted to offices. There will be a period of time and attention given to moving offices and reclaiming the space in which we'll live. 

3.  The church is about 35 minutes from my house during low traffic periods.  I'll try to maximize strategic drive time, and though we look forward to being in Silver Spring in the long-term, for the short-term we'll be commuting.


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