Wednesday, October 3, 2012

What Am I Looking Forward To Most?

When I exited full-time ministry almost two years ago there were many things I anticipated missing.  I knew I would miss the people I pastored, because they were great.  I knew I would miss the style of worship I had enjoyed at my former church.  I knew I would miss preaching, and having a congregation to lead.  However, the one thing, it turns out, that I have missed most - by far - has been prayer.

As a pastor part of my job description is prayer.  I took for granted times of prayer.  I am not talking about a personal quiet time of devotion and prayer.  I am talking about spending time talking things out to completion with God; listening and hearing His instructions.  I am talking about feeling the confidence of knowing that I have heard God's vision and direction with clarity.  That is what I miss most.

I have missed everything else that I mentioned above, but having the time to pray it out is what I am looking forward to most.


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