Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Special Friends

At lunch time today I left the office and drove a mile or two to a local church to see if I could catch up with pastors from the Eastern Section. They were having prayer today at Bridge Church, Annapolis.  It started at 10, so I was hopeful that there might be a couple guys hanging around.  But when I arrived they were in full-swing talking with God and agreeing together in prayer.  When they saw I had come in they invited me to the front for prayer and gathered around me and laid hands on me and prayed. (I found out that they had already prayed for me in my absence, but took the time to pray again.)

This group of pastors from around the greater Baltimore area have been a part of my network of friends for the last 12 years.  My new pastorate will take me away from meeting with them as regularly, but I'll never forget them, and will always hold the deepest respect for them.  I am deeply thankful to be partnered with them in the cause of the gospel.


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