Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Leadershp 101: Follow The Eyes To The Leader

Leadership is a broad topic, and much has been written on the subject.  I wanted to share an insight today that came out of a conversation I had yesterday with our Board Chair at CFC. 

We discussed the agenda of the upcoming Leadership Team and Board Meeting.  It will be my first with the church, and I was very interested to hear the format and normal activity of these meetings.  In order to clarify expectations I asked what my role would be.  Was I going to be a participant, observer, or leader of the meeting?  We agreed that in the first meeting I would participate, but would follow the lead of the Board Chair in the meeting. 

This is where an old insight on leadership came up: If you want to find out who the leader is then watch the eyes of the people when a question is raised.  The person(s) that people look to for an answer are often the leader(s) of the group.  Because titles can get passed around and positions can be elected, but what people really look for in a leader is an answer.

There certainly is much more to leadership than that, but that is a starting point for understanding the social interaction of followers and leaders.


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