Tuesday, October 30, 2012

First Day In The New Office

This morning I made arrangements to meet my assistant over here at the church.  She has provided me keys, and another walking tour of the property.  Specifically I wanted to see how the church property faired in the storm.  (Not bad overall, but found a few leaks.)  Blair did an excellent job of showing me around the supplies, keys, and equipment that the church uses.

Afterward I was able to hole up and pray in my office.  I have shared many times over the last two years that the one thing I missed more than any other experience of pastoring is having times of prayer, just spending time in the presence of Jesus.  I have been reaquainting myself this morning.  I am thankful for the power of God, but more than that, I am desperate for it.  

His grace is sufficient for me, becuase His strength is made perfect in weakness.  Sounds to me like a perfect fit.

--Pastor Ben

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