Thursday, September 20, 2012

Passing On Faith: Your Habits Of Faith

Today I want to share with you another way to pass on your faith to your children.  Show them your personal interaction with God.  Model your habits for them, and let them watch you. 

One of the most special moments of my week is when I walk into my parent's living room and catch my dad doing his morning devotions.  I also enjoy it when we end up discussing our personal devotional habits.  From time to time my dad lets me know that he has added something I need to his prayer list, and from time to time he checks in about things he's been praying for to make sure that he hasn't missed a change in need or answer to prayer. 

I have tried to share this practice by regularly praying with my children, and also talking openly about the habits of my faith.  But maybe one of my favorite things is when I teach my children what I do when I set aside devotional time with God.  This summer Sydney and I worked through the ten commandments and she sat with me as we practiced the habits of Bible reading, prayer, and meditation. 

If you don't have these habits, then take your faith to a deeper level.  Don't keep it to yourself.  Show your habits to your children.  Be careful: don't put on a show for your children.  If you don't regularly practice these habits they'll see right through your show.  But model for them a life that leans on the habits of spirituality if you want to pass on your faith.


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