Monday, August 6, 2012

Vision: From Ideal to I-doable

Vision is an indispensable ability in a leader.  Bill Hybels wrote that vision is a leader's most potent weapon.  But you do not have to lead long before you start to realize that your ability to see the preferred future is a.) not shared by everyone you lead, and b.) sometimes daunting in scope. 

Today's thought: Move from ideal to i-doable

If you are able to visionize to a scale far beyond your present circumstance, then spend time nurturing that vision.  The more clarity you can bring to it the better.  But when you come to the task of leading and implementing the changes necessary to achieve that vision understand that the ideal in the progress toward that future is unrealistic and exhausting to try to accomplish.  Instead, move to the i-doable.  What is it that I can actually do? How can I take a small step in the right direction? How can I repeat it?  Having repeated it/modeled it the questions change for my followers.  What can they actually do? How can they take small steps in the right direction?  How can they repeat it?  And what role will I play in helping them?

I will confess that over the first decade of my ministry I tended to get stuck on the ideal without really knowing how to break it into the i-doable.  The best way I have found to learn is to make the journey very personal.  I set a goal for myself and have worked for quite a long time to figure out how to find the i-doable steps to bring that vision to reality. Each lesson I learn in leading myself makes me a better leader of others.


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