Friday, August 10, 2012

People Aren't Headed To Church?

Wednesday night I got to travel down to Faith A/G for worship rehearsal and my mid-week check-in.  We had a great evening.  I had conducted a short survey among the worship team the week before, and shared the results with them.  They were even kind enough to act interested while I explained what I was looking for in the information I collected, and how it is used to form decisions for the church.  The topic of Outreach was a consistent thread in the responses to the survey in areas of needed growth, training, etc.  And at the end of our discussion a man raised his hand to speak. 

Jerry is a kind man that is devoted to God and the church.  Faith A/G is blessed to have him.  He is also so humble that he believes the song, "Oh, Lord it's hard to be humble, when you're perfect in every way", was written about him. :-)  He went across the street to deliver a lease to a home-based business that is looking to expand their office space and wants to lease an office from the church.  In his conversation the business owner asked if it would be okay for his teenagers to come over to the youth ministry on Friday nights.  They had seen the teens over at the church, but thought you would have to be a member of the church to attend.  Jerry's --slap you in the face -- explanation: "We haven't even reached out 10 feet across the road!"

Of course they are welcome, right?  Every church believes they are a friendly and welcoming church.  But here is the thing:  If you believe being a friendly and welcoming church looks like a handshake and smile inside your church building there may be a bunch of people who still do not know they are welcome.  And guess what?  Many people aren't headed to church.


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