Friday, August 3, 2012

Pastors: Kids Matter To Your Guests

Two weeks ago I took my family to a new church.  Faith A/G is the church I will  be serving as interim pastor over the next several months.  It is a small and friendly church, and I am looking forward to working with them. 

Over the last two years I have had the chance to travel to all kinds of churches of all sizes, and do you know what the number one question on my mind was?  Will there be anything for my kids?  I gave more thought to that question than I did to finding directions and service times.  That is probably because I know how to use a GPS and churches announce their service time loud and clear, but rarely do I find a clear answer to the number one question on my mind. 

Pastors, for as much "church experience" as we tend to have most of us are lacking in the experience of attending a church for the first time.  Take it from a pastor that has had a lot of first times over the last two years: kids matter to your guests, they should matter as much to you.

When we arrived at Faith A/G the children's leader saw my family and sprinted across the parking lot to meet us.  Smiling, he introduced himself to my wife and me, and then knelt down and introduced himself to my kids.  He offered us a tour of the children's room (including a large scale boat/puppet stage with real working smoke stack), and was genuinely excited for the program they had ready for the day.

My kids loved the church, and that was great news to me.  I wanted to take my kids back there.  Interesting a first-time guest wanted to go back to church because his kids loved it so much...


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