Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I Miss My Family

Day 2 of the family vacation - I'm not on - finds me lonely and missing my wife and kids.  There is no joy in mudville. 

I went shooting last night with my brother-in-law, and had a great time.  He is a member of a local indoor range so after a quick stop by Wal-Mart for some ammo we went to lay waste to some paper targets.  It was pretty cool.  He brought two pistols a .22 and a .45.  We shared a lane so while one was reloading his magazine the other of us was emptying his.  Andy was obviously the better shot.  He told me that he estimates having fired close to 20,000 rounds out of his .22.  But I was proud of myself; with each clip I got better and better. 

When we were done I headed home, ate a salad, and headed to bed.  With my family gone there was nothing to stay up for.  It hit me worst this morning when I returned from my run and came down to the basement and Corie wasn't there on the treadmill.  It's funny how meaningful 10 or 15 minutes of conversation with her in the morning are to me.

I hope they're having a great time, but I can't wait till they're back.


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