Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Excuse Me, Do You Work Here?

Yesterday I started a class at the community college -- Principles of Accounting M/W/F 8:00am.  Doesn't that sound like stimulating fare for an early morning?  Actually, I look forward to this class because I've been in accounting for 2 years without really having any education in it.  Each page of my textbook brings "aha moments". 

However, on three different occasions yesterday in the span of 75 minutes I was approached by students with questions.  They all started this way, "Excuse me, do you work here?" 

I'm what the college calls a "non-traditional student" which I think pretty much means "old".  There was definitely a difference between me and all the other students in the class.  For one thing my facial hair actually fills in all over my face, guys.  And my clothes covered my whole body, ladies.  So non-traditional or not, I am a student again.



  1. Maybe if you let your belly hang out like the girls, no one will ask if you work there.