Friday, July 27, 2012


Today I had the chance to assess another couple who are wanting to plant a church in the Potomac District.  I drove to Fairfax, VA to meet with them and a good friend of mine, Keith Edwards.  Together we put this couple through hours of interviews on a ton of topics to try and get to the heart of their experience, in order to form an objective assessment of their strengths and weaknesses. 

A couple things made this meeting special.  The first was seeing Keith.  There was a time when we saw each other every couple months, but lately it has been much longer between our visits.  Keith is always an encourager to me, and the type of friend that has walked with me long enough to know real context of my thoughts when I share them.

The couple that we met with was also a delight.  He might have been the fastest talker I have encountered.  But they have a solid love for the Lord and in doing what He is leading them to do.


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